Artisanal ice cream

Kansas City is known for many things, but being on the cutting edge isn't typically one of them. True, we are a test market for fast food chains and we do boast the largest Wal-Mart in the world, at Blue Ridge and I-70, but it should come as no surprise that artisanal ice cream has only just arrived. Artisanal ice cream, of course, has been on the coasts for evs and in Italy since right after the Chinese invented it.

Kansas City boasts some great local products, like Boulevard beer, coffee from the Roasterie and Christopher Elbow chocolate, which has gotten some major good press across the country, not just here in KC. I'm pretty proud of the local companies and take care to spread the word about what we have that is awesome (like Boulevard's seasonal beers-- Nutcracker anyone? or the Single-Wide I.P.A.) I'm also proud of our homegrown chocolate screenprinter, Christopher Elbow, who is known for his high-quality ingredients, diverse flava varieties and cool designs. His chocolate shop is right downtown and contributes to the urban revitalization, adding a bit of chic to the mostly blighted block of 19th and McGee. You must go in the winter for the drinking chocolate, which is certainly NOT hot chocolate. Instead, it's this melty richness of chocolate goodness that comes with a homemade flava-infused marshmallow. I went one winter when the store had just opened and I felt I was drinking a winter day spent in pajamas. So rich and indulgent! So not something to be had every day! So inappropriate to take to a staff meeting! One of the friends I went with had to go home and eat a salad immediately to combat the sheer decadence. Sooo not to be missed.

But now he's on to ice cream, like everyone else around here including the Cosentino's market, which sells house-made gelatto. Christopher Elbow's ice cream shop, Glace is closer to the Plaza than downtown, south on Main around the 50s. I haven't been, but me and my Male Companion (MC) pass by often and the line stretches eternally. The cups are tiny and from what I understand, pricey. People love it and I'm sure it's wonderful, but I heard that some of their flavors are a little out there. One mentioned to me was Citrus Basil, which would coordinate well with a dish soap I have. But who am I to judge? I haven't even been there. Anyway, I am sure it's wonderful and goodness knows there's a market for it.

Maybe it's time for me to hang out my own artisanal ice cream shingle. What do you think of these new flavors that MC and I came up with?

chocolate mountain menudo
ripe mango melon tripe
cracked pepper and cayenne lemon sorbet
apple pie haggis
sweetbreads cotton candy
bubble gum marinara
pine-nut bubble gum
triple berry bhaba ghanoush
ginger lime marinara
green pepper cinnamon
baklava hummus
bacon marshmallow
avocado praline
caramel artichoke
spicy tuna
and finally ... scrambled eggs

Anything strike yo fancy? Let me know if I have a future in this!