Asiago corn risotto

Faithful readers of the Washington Post Free Range on Food chat will recognize this recipe for sure. I do love those WaPo chats and especially the dumb dumb questions like today someone wrote in complaining that people on TV cooking shows don't wear hairnets. Um, who wants to see Rachel Ray in a hairnet?

Anyway! I was inspired to make this last night because it was raining buckets and seemed appropriate to use the corn from the farmer's market I bought on Saturday. Was super enthused for my menu, but I refused to buy graham crackers at the store because they were $4 and I thought that was an appallingly high price. I had no prob plunking down like $6 for the Asiago required by this recipe though. I know the recipe says this is a side dish, but I found that it was great as a main course. I made some Imam Biyaldis from The New James Beard cookbook over the weekend, so that was another nice vegetarian complement.

On my want-to-do list for last night was also listed: paint nails red and download new Band of Horses album. Did both of those first (see red nails in pic? that's not an accident) and this new album is awesome. I looove Band of Horses. Saw them this spring with Pearl Jam at a great show and they are coming back to KC in October so I am def going and might even buy a T-shirt!

Here is my onion and garlic pile. The recipe called for three ears of corn, I just had the one and it was good! The variety of corn is called peaches and cream, for those in the know, as I happen to be. It had that crisp, freshness that contrasted nicely with the soft arborio rice kernels.

Look how pretty and yellow this is! I bought some Goya seasoning that claims to have azafran (saffron) essence so I threw it in the veggie broth since I couldn't find carrot juice anywhere. Loved the golden-ness and think that it added a little extra depth.

This was probably the wrong asiago because it didn't grate as much as smoosh through the grater. No matter, because it was delicious and melted in seamlessly. Threw in basil in place of parsley bc I had some fresh from the aforementioned farmer's market. Then added the dry thyme which was more powerful than I expected but not in a bad way.

Finished product with a side salad and those Imam Biyaldis (which I think are pretty good cold). And a 16 ouncer of beer (couldn't resist).

It was so rainy but I thought bright dishes really helped bring summer through. And Band of Horses as background music lends a kind of out-doorsiness that you miss when you live in an apartment with no patio.

The kitten watched from the floor on this one. In her hairnet.