Fall owl playdress

Mooshie likes watching birds, so it makes sense that she had a fun time watching me make the owl playdress. I've had this fabric for years, initially I wanted it to be a blanket, but it's so cute I think it really belongs in a dress. I have enough fabric left over, I may be able to make something else fun, fall-themed and plummy.

This fabric is kind of heavier, canvas material so I think it's perfect for the fall play dress.

I was trying to make this all in one evening and in my hurry, definitely ripped out more stitches than I put in it. I seriously thought about giving up, but pressed on because I was too excited to see how it would turn out.

At one point, I actually sewed the zipper that goes in the back of the dress to the front of the dress. I should've taken a picture of it, but it was almost too pathetic.
That set me back about 15 minutes, but didn't ruin the front of the dress as I worried it would.

This is the final product, with a close-up of the fabric. Isn't it cute? It sooo needs pockets, but because it's for a little infant, I thought that they wouldn't be as useful as if it were for a toddler. One girl at the baby shower said she wanted this in her size. Honestly, I do too!