Lemon Jacket, creation of

Lemon Jacket was created out of an amalgamation of good fortune.
This was probably the least expensive project I have undertaken since I was a high school student and my mom paid for all of my sewing project needs. The pattern and fabric are both from the D.A.V. thrift store in Independence, Mo.

I have bought many vintage patterns there over the years and I have to say the 10 cent pricetag is fabulous. Only recently did I discover the fabric there. There is lots of bad stuff, of course, but what is good is real good. And cheap! I think it was $1.95 per bundle. I bought about 5 or 6 different pieces.
Check out this awesome old-schoolness!
As I write this I realize that I am currently obsessed with all things lemon, as I am eating a lemon cupcake (homemade and totally delicious) writing about lemon jacket and trying to find a good chicken sauce that calls for lemon juice.

But at the exact same time I am falling completely out of love with Gossip Girl. This season 3 stuff is not nearly as obsession-worthy as the first two season were. On the up side, the books are perfect for poolside reading. You’ll like Jenny Humphrey better as a book character, too, rather than the trainwreck she is in Season 3. Remeber how cute she was as a little seamstress when the show started? There’s still nothing like a DVD of Gossip Girl in the background when I’m working on sewing projects. I digress. Here are the pictures!

My little helper
Darts in and pocket pinned on.
I had barely enough fabric to complete this with the strips going in the correct way. But I made it work with one messed up sleeve that nobody noticed :)

The workspace…. I finished everything by hand with the help of my faithful assistant.