Labor Day

We have been pretty here at Tuesdays with Mooshie, especially since this was initially going to be a lite week. But in honor of the upcoming Labor Day weekend, I've decided to do a bunch of work on stuff.

First up is adding to the zig-zag quilt that may be completed soon! I've added some extra rows and now it just needs a little more attention. Kitten already loves it.

The Kansas City Library has lent me James Beard for almost a whole extra month, so I decided to make French-fried eggplant last night with a little, beautiful eggplant that cost 75 cents on Saturday.

It calls for dipping them in seasoned flour while 1/3 cup olive oil melts with a few tbls. of butter melt in a frying pan.

I always thought that eggplant was tricky to cook because it sometimes turns out really bitter, but I learned that the real trick to it is to cook it slowly on medium heat. I had always cooked it on too high of heat. Plus eggplant has some component that absorbs olive oil like craa-zy. Oh look, there's an errant okra in there.

Here's the finished eggplant, I sprinkled on some kosher salt, although James Beard says it's good with parmesan or baked with tomato sauce. Maybe next time.

Okra cooked the same way as the eggplant. The freezer decided to open itself yesterday and thaw the okra.