There's a fine line between roasting and toasting...

Downtown Kansas City is (at least for a little while longer) home to the Folger's plant. You can smell coffee as you drive through the streets aromatic enough to give you your coffee fix. But sometimes they, ahem, over-roast the coffee and it smells like burnt coffee, just like it did today. But that doesn't happen very often. When it closes, I will miss all the coffee smells, even the burnt ones.

I have jalapenos on the brain today. I bought a dozen from a farmer on Wednesday and have been trying to figure out what to do with them. Did I say they were $1? That's a pretty crucial detail, I think, because that's a great deal! So I have jalapeno cheese grits and salsa on my list of things to make. All told, I still have three peppers left to do something with, and that's after making a second batch of cheesy jalapeno grits to eat this week and take for lunch.

I do love some good jalapeno peppers.

The soundtrack for today has been the greatest hits of Hall and Oates. Isn't that awesome? Some of the tracks on the 'Best of' cd (yes, I went out and bought the cd) has some live tracks with the audience cheering in the background. For some reason, I think that's really funny.

My dad brought up some tomatoes this weekend from Illinois, so my first order of business was to make them into a nice insalata caprese. I bought this cheese in little disks instead of the balls I usually buy, which made this go really quick. Oddly, the basil came with roots and dirt attached, so I went ahead and planted it next to my wildflower to see if it can survive. Wouldn't that be nice!

For the first round of cheesy jalapeno grits, just used the grits part of this recipe, I used one jalapeno and took out the seeds. The result had that pepper flavor, but not a ton of punch. However, I like more punch, so for the second round I added 3 jalapenos and left in half the seeds. It's much better! Plus they're fresh, I don't think this original recipe used fresh jalapenos. But use 'em if you got 'em, am I right?

Mmmm. fresh produce!

Grits, I don't think, are all that pretty. Here I am stirring them.

The cat guarded her post while dinner was on the stove.

These are the final result. I used sharp cheddar cheese, which gave it a nice color, but my fave color is the glint of green from the peppers.

Here was my attempt at pico de gallo. I just chopped up some tomatoes, garlic and more jalapenos. I will try to find something to put it on this week. Maybe beans? Enchiladas?
A Julia Child soup recipe I read said you can't put a lid on soup before it cools or it will sour, so I am applying the same principal to the grits waiting for them to cool so I can put them in Tupperware to take for lunch tomorrow. Should be a real treat!
Oh, happy B-day to Alison!