Bi Zeit or dang that's some good okra

Bi zeit is Arabic for Lebanese vegetarian stews, according to a cooking site I stumbled across. I believe that's the first Arabic phrase I've learned.

Lately I have lost my interest in eating or cooking meat unless it's bacon. Kitten is more of the carnivore in this household. Lucky for me, there are many wonderful vegetables I'd rather eat!

I had some amazing farmer's market produce that I wanted to cook in a new and different way. I'm kind of a broken record though, because they're the same vegetables I can never resist: okra, tomatoes and eggplant. Additionally, I had some cilantro that was about a day away from being compost.

Mmmm! Okra!

I googled those ingredients and came up with this recipe, which is supposedly Lebanese, but tasted like something that could just as easily be Indian. Super yummy! I made it twice, once with eggplant, once with okra.

Here's Kitten, like "where's the beef?"

For the first time I tried this recipe I made the okra. I was so worried it would go bad, but these precious little okra were so cute I could not let that happen.

Here is everything sauteing. You cook the okra first, then take it out. Cook the onion, garlic, tomato and cilantro, then add the okra back in and leave it alone for awhile.

Did the same with the eggplant, but just let it cook for about 3 times as long once I added it back in.

I made some rice and served both side by side for dinner. All I needed was some flat bread. Pretty friggin wonderful.

Here is the final eggplant. Yum!