Blame it on the granola

I've been all DIY lately and saw an ad for granola bars and thought, 'oh, I can make that.'

So I googled granola bar recipes and the first ones I found said basically, mix granola with peanut butter and spread out. Thanks.

But then I found this athlete woman's site with this recipe.

I have some wonderful honey that I haven't used yet, so this recipe was the perfect opportunity to try.

See the label? It's from Irv's Aparies in Jacksonville, IL, displayed on some pottery my cousin made.

This is not all-natural organic peanut butter as the recipe suggests, but sugar-loaded Jif. So adding the honey made it extra wonderful.

If you note on the recipe, it suggests adding extra grains or something crunchy, so I added toasted almonds and dried cherries. Also, some chunks of dark chocolate.

The recipe also said this would be tough to mix up, but it wasn't all that bad. The final product was great and perfect to cut up for an afternoon treat!

Looks healthy, huh? Nutritious, but still pretty decadent!