Fashion disaster

I just stumbled on to Comedy Central playing this movie with Jason Sudekis, the guy from SNL that plays the Italian movie critic and the guy from Eastbound and Down. Oh, and Jenna Fischer. It's pretty good background, even without the volume on.

So this weekend I've been really working on quilting Mooshie's quilt. Sorry jungle blankie, I'll get to you. The zigzag quilt below is the one I made for the cat and it's fully functional as a blanket, actually tried it out yesterday for a catnap, haha. The back and front are together and much of the quilting has been done. But I'm not satisfied! It's so geometric and the more I sew, the more I like it. So I'm just going to keep sewing and adding different thread colors to make it more interesting. But I'm really loving it.

Stay tuned for more updates. Eventually it will be bound.

The cat on her blanket.

Now on to the title item, this fashion infraction I've created. I bought this fabric for the skirt below in mid-June I think and always had something professional in mind. A skirt for work. So I have this super easy pattern (Butterick, 5466) that I planned to use to make my skirt. For me, using a less technically challenging pattern makes it easier for me to get details right and spend time doing things like double-checking my measuring. As they say "Measure twice, cut once".

So I measured the crap out of this thing and sewed all the darts evenly. I lined the inside and ironed everything before sewing. I sewed and pinned, even going so far as making those little stay markers with a thread and needle! So I really overachieved on this and, I have to say, this product is as near perfect as I could ever really expect myself to do. The zipper even went in without a hitch (okay, one hitch, I sewed it to the wrong half of the zippy part-- but so easily remedied it doesn't merit discussion). I was so proud when I pulled this baby off the machine and prepared for the hemming.

And that's when I tried it on and realized I did forget to measure one small detail: Myself.

So it doesn't fit! It would fit me, like maybe as a seventh grade girl. Or it might work if I need something to wear next time Lady Gaga comes to town.

It's cute though, isn't it?

The Oct. 2010 Harper's Bazaar has a whole page on fuchsia prints and skirts. See above. I'm feeling so current. (except for the whole, I can't wear it aspect.)

On to the next thing.

Today I made Moroccan chicken couscous soup (except without chicken) and it's pictured below. One thing I don't have pictures of, due to my safety equipment effectively prohibiting me from using a camera, changing the music or pretty much doing anything other than seeding and chopping habanero peppers, is the Honey Garlic Habanero wing sauce I made today.

I made this in advance for a college football day scheduled for a couple weeks from now. I misread the recipe and thought it made enough for us to use that day (wings for four people). But I stand corrected, I now have wing sauce for 10-15 lbs. of chicken wings. Holy crap.

It is mighty hot but also mighty delicious. I got the recipe from, (where else?) the Washington Post food section. I can post it if anyone is interested. You may be interested in trying to make this if you're someone who really likes, say, peeling and chopping 15 or more cloves of garlic. Or if you like burning on your face as you struggle to detach seeds from the inside of the hottest pepper you can buy at the Hy-Vee. Or if you really like chicken wings, I guess.

You may be better off just waiting for me to invite you over to help me eat the sauce I already made. Because I have a bunch!! But no pictures.

I am now making some cookies, but thanks to my unreliable electric oven, they are overdone. Wait, wait, let me change that. They are burnt and completely inedible. Someday I will have better appliances :) Anyone up for hockey?

My recommended reading for the week: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. Am currently grateful for flour, fabric and the option of eating or not eating chicken, the story has given me perspective. Plus it's funny.

Moroccan stew. Totally yum, hearty and freezable.