Hello habanero

I won't pretend I know what I'm doing when it comes to using murderously fire-in-your-mouth peppers.

But I do love me some hot wings and I do know how to eat them. It stands to reason that sooner or later I would decide that I can make them myself thank-you-very-much.

So when I made the honey garlic habanero wing sauce from the washington post, which I may have mentioned in a previous blog post. Yes? I think the last one. I expected it to be spicy but really great for wings. But that's not the reality of how it worked out. Because the 25 habaneros I used (yes, I did add a few extras) made the sauce so hot that you couldn't even dab a tiny tiny little drop on your tongue without a gallon of milk handy.

Yes, it was a good burn. But it was also a long lasting burn that was hard to extinguish. And a whole spoonful may well rupture an intestine. So I started messing with it take the spice down. I added apricot jam which helped. Then I added more butter and more jam. All of these methods really worked for cutting down the wing sauce by like a nano degree of hotness.

Then on Saturday I was struck by a thunderbolt of brilliantness and must share my solution. I found a bag of sweet peppers on sale at Hy-Vee. They were the same shape and color as my habaneros, but check this: no heat. So I made a whole new batch of fire wing sauce but with the wimpy, sweet even, peppers. Then I just added 2 parts wimpy to one part fire. And voila! problem solved. I would suggest this method for you if you're interested in having wing sauce in quantities to last you like five football seasons.

I am staying up late tonite working on projects, not quilt project as I spent all weekend on that.

Here are some photos:

The tree is for the back as the front is all completed. It's supposed to look like a canopy tree that you'd see in Africa, but of course it's not exact. Mooshie taking advantage of the shade.

I used the quilt pattern to make a stuffed giraffe to go along with the quilt. Time is ticking til the baby shower!

This no doubt looks familiar, it's all sewn together now and basted to the quilt middle. Now it just needs the caboose!