Feeling so fly like a G6

It's gorgeous for November here in Kansas City today, I've just been out and realized just how many parking lots there are downtown. They make for great wide open spaces if you find yourself in need. Not that I'd advocate building more.

I am back inside now, wrestling with some hemming directions for a little dress I've been working on this week. I have made this dress four times from the same pattern and still haven't mastered the thing. I'm puzzling over directions #37-50 the way many people are struggling with the NY Times crossword right about now.

If you'll note the picture below, I've added fabric roses to compliment this rosy fabric I'm using. I absolutely love this fabric and bought about 3 yards when it went on sale last summer having no idea what I'd ever do with it all. After this is all done, it will be practically gone! But I think there will be enough to use in a small fabric artwork sometime soon.

If I get this done today, it will be a day for hemming because I've got another skirt from another post still waiting for me on the dress form to get a hem in it. Harumph!

This is the dress with its little roses and sweet little ties for the back. Underneath are the aforementioned directions (they look like a newspaper a little).

This is what Kitten thinks the directions should be used for.

This is a sideways view of my Death Cab for Cutie album cover interpretation. As you can see if you crane your neck (sorry if you have to go to the chiropractor after this) there are more squares and more colors now. That's a picture of the album cover on top, so you can kind of see the two together. I keep injuring myself with all the pins, but not enough to stop me.

This is the cat trying to pull the pins out after I've so carefully put them in. It also looks like she's preparing for a nap. Yet another good idea. I'm sure that's what this will be used for once it's completed. But that will be another day.