Finishing touches

Once again I'm crunched for time. The baby quilt is due on Sunday and I'm at the quilting stage. I have discovered that the pro quilting bloggers I follow must have quilting machines because the same designs they quilt once they do their piecing are way more advanced than anything I can do with my machine. But no matter. I am an amateur and I'm sure my friends will be happy even without professional quilting. I have taken matters into my own hands, so to speak, and done some cool designs just hand quilting and then done geometric lines with the Janome to finish 'er off.

All I have remaining that must be done is the edging, which I will be putting together sometime this week (but not tomorrow because it's trivia night).

I am not going to post status pics of the front and back yet because I'd like to keep you my seven readers in a bit of suspense. I will be taking final photos soon.

But in the meantime, see below for an idea. I am at the point now where I love this quilt so much I'm already having separation anxiety, even though I know it's going to a loving family. They will be so surprised!

this is how the back side looks folded up.

Kitten with a stack of squares that make up a huge square on the back of the quilt.