Happy Thanksgiving to you

I am thankful for lots of things this year, one of them is having such great blog followers. Thanks for reading!

I have some pretty exciting news. Today I created an original recipe! Well nothing is new under the sun, of course, but I can take credit for the combination of these ingredients (until I Google the ingredients and find it's been done before). I digress.

So my contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow was going to be braised sweet potatoes in creamy sage butter sauce. Most of the food blogs say rosemary with sweet potatoes, but I had to branch out. I found the sauce recipe online at allrecipes.com: 1 stick butter, 10 fresh sage leaves, 1 c. heavy cream, 1/2 cup chicken broth, salt and pepper.

I have a sage plant growing with the basil by the window. It looks like it's not doing too well, but so did the basil when it was first planted. Let's see how it does now that I've torn off most of its leaves. Sorry, sage plant.

Anyone who braises knows how fine the line can be as far as overcooking goes and especially with potatoes. I was using all beef stock for this recipe because I have some leftover from making the bouef a la borgounione last weekend. (BTW, it was totally yum but I don't get how Julie managed to overcook it in Julie and Julia because the directions don't say to put it in the oven. Also, the movie's had carrots and the recipe doesn't.)

I went to the River Market today and, intending to buy $2 worth of sweet potatoes got more than I bargained for when the guy sold me 6 lbs! Holy crap, that's a ton of potatoes in addition to the 2 I already have. So those were braising in beef broth, a splash of white wine, a spoonful of sugar and some kosher salt while I cooked the butter and sage for a few minutes and added the (beef) stock and heavy cream. Done.

In the meantime the potatoes fell apart. My idea was to have these beautiful disks of sweet potato in a casserole dish with the sage sauce over them. But it was going to be ugly. So I beat it. With my handheld beater, not with my fists or anything.

And then I tasted it. Oh my gosh, it's still really rich but savory and the sage compliment the taste of the taters. Should be better tomorrow after all the flavas have time to mingle.

Can't wait to unload some of it, too. I have a ton!

Have a great holiday!