Hemming and hawing

As predicted, Kitten loves her zigzag quilt, see below. Lately it's been slightly chilly here in the apartment, as the cold winter wind blows through mini cracks in the brick wall. I haven't yet broken out the space heater--I will once the temp hits freezing--so in the meantime we're under lots of layers and quilts. Glad I made this thing.

I just have to be careful when I sit down, as the kitty tends to burrow into her fluffy quilt.

I must confess to a mistake I made in a recent post. I was commenting on my confusion over the bouef borgounione in Julie and Julia vs the recipe I was following in Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Imagine my surprise when I was perusing the book on Friday night and stumbled upon another bouef borgounione recipe. I was so confused because I thought I'd already been following it. But that was apparently a variation I was following called saute de bouef borgounione. How was I to know? Details! So either way, I surmise, it's delicious. I followed the saute recipe on Friday so I'd have something to eat once the Thanksgiving leftovers ran out.

Doesn't it look hearty and delicious? I bought the potatoes at the farmer's market and they are the most buttery velvety little potatoes!

Enough cooking, on to the sewing!

I abhor hemming to the nth degree, but I embrace it as necessary. I think back to being a little girl and planning to never ever use a sewing machine in lieu of thread and needle! I've gotten wise though since the machine saves sooo much time. Unfortunately the little details need that special hand-sewn touch. This little rose dress needed a hem badly. I know I've been dragging my feet because I'm sad to part with it, but it really must go off to its new family.

I spent about 2 hours putting this hem in last night and making the baby diaper pants that go along with it.

The pastel liner is a favorite of mine, I have about a yard left and think it adds such a sweet surprise to the dress. It's folded up at the hem for a closer look.

Here are the little diaper pants against a brick background. Note that this is not the wall that lets in all the cold winter air.

A second view of the little pants. They are absolutely precious and I'm about one bored afternoon away from trying to make this pattern into 1940s shorts for me to wear. They'd have to be a little bigger than these though.

One closer look at the hem. My motivation here is to make it just as hard for you to part with this ensemble as it will be for me.

I have limited space so I can't hold onto these things forever, as much as I may want to. I must give them to their intended recipients. This is my new mantra, I will say it aloud and repeat as necessary.

One last look. Look at those precious flowers and little ties for the bow in the back. All together: Awwww....