Just when I thought I was out...

Well I've finished the jungle quilt and it's in the hands of its new owners.

See below for the final pictures. I got the edging all done on Saturday and was able to hold off tears as I prepared to let it go. Now I don't even miss it. Unless I think about how soft it was or how sweetly the little animals looked up. Or how all the squares had slightly different textures and would be so nice to nuzzle. Sorry. I'll stop.

front of quilt

back of quilt with my closest approximation of a canopy tree.

So I'm all done with sewing projects for now. Right? Not quite.

When I came home from work on Monday I thought about downloading some new songs on iTunes and really wanted Death Cab for Cutie. It's dark now with the time change and Death Cab is so mellow. When I was browsing and I came across their album cover for Narrow Stairs I thought to myself, 'wouldn't that be awesome in fabric?' This is what the album cover looks like.

I have so many of the colors from the last two quilts I've done, so I pulled out scraps and pieced it together. It's far from done, but this is my best go at creating the foundation, or at least what I could do in 3 hours.

Eventually it will be a blanket or maybe I'll hang it on the wall.