Don't be chicken

If you are what you eat, as they say, then I am totally chicken this week.

Earlier in the week it was easy to crave and justify hearty, warming dishes. It is, of course, 50 degrees outside today, but it will soon be cold again and you'll want to make this.

I have emailed this article to everyone I know and now I'm sharing it with you.

Reading the author's tale of her dinner in Paris gave me wanderlust and a hankering to roast a chicken. Also gave me something new to try in my Martha Stewart 7-quart Dutch oven.

The first ingredient though, the preserved lemon, gave me pause because I have none on hand. Especially tricky because I don't really know what that is. It turns out that there's a process behind preserving lemons, which involves mostly salt and time. I just skipped the salting and basically curing part of the lemon step and just used a fresh one. It wasn't overwhelming in the way I'd feared and I'd say you'd be fine to just skip it. Unless you're super-well-prepared and happen to have already preserved lemons on hand.

I got to know this roasting bird pretty well as I browned it on the stove, before throwing it into the party-in-a-pot of veg, chicken stock and white wine. And parsley! Which I also happened to have a fresh bag of! Thanks, Adam!

The bonne idee of the recipe is to use a already prepared pizza dough to seal the edges, so that was exactly what I did. I would recommend tucking it all in because the part that sticks out was burnt to a rollicking crisp. The part that didn't burn was perfect for dipping in the drippings (rhyme).

This made a pretty dinner and was easily served with just a cheap bottle of red wine.

Yum, look at this cozy wonderfulness. Please let me know how this turns out for you if you try it. Or give me some advance notice and I'll be there!