Only because I can't go skiing today

It snowed today and although the roads cleared by mid-afternoon, I didn't want to go outside at all. I would have if I could have gone skiing, but we have no slopes so I have no motivation to go outdoors.

Instead I devoted myself to my projects.

You may remember the sleeves I was so proud of on my 1-yr-old little girl spring dress with the mod dots I am making for Baby Zoe's first bday. I thought they were darling until I inspected just how tiny the armholes were. There would be no way to get a real arm in the sleeves I made, I don't even think Kitten's paw could have comfortably fit through there. I was pondering this over my breakfast and realized that I installed them backwards.


So I took the sleeves apart and took another look at the picture. Then I put them back in. The stitches now show, because previously the stitches were all done with the pieces inside out, now that they're all sewn together, I'd have to take the whole thing apart to get them in right. I have no interest in starting completely over, and the stitches don't show too bad, but I still feel like a dumb-dumb.

Can you see the new sleeve? It's much flouncier and I heart it sooo much more than the wrong version. It's perfect for the mod spring look, as all in-the-know babies will sport this spring. Is there a Vogue Baby?

I spent the weekend making food for me to work for lunch, but don't worry, I won't make you suffer through updates on casseroles. But then I did decide to make something fun.

The inspiration struck for me to candy some grapefruit peels while I was getting depressed watching today's marathon of Teen Mom on MTV.

If we don't have ski slopes nearby, at least we get to enjoy the bounty of warmer climates, in the form of grapefruit. I love grapefruit and love to see them as pretty as they are this time of year.

Candying citrus peels is easy enough if you follow the instructions and pay attention while they're in the syrup. I have burned my share of candying fruit peels, but today I watched close and enlisted the help of my trusty candy thermometer.

This is what they look like once candied. The next step is to roll them in sugar.

Then they just cool for like 4-5 hours. I may dip some in dark chocolate tomorrow. But for tonight, I'm done.