When I grow up to be food stylist

Local meteorologists and frightened motorists are calling it Snowmaggedon and traffic has slowed to a speedy 7 miles per hour.

What can one ask for after a day like this?

The answer is something creamy, hearty and delicious to warm you from the inside. The answer is Julia Child's potage veloute aux champignons or cream of mushroom soup.

She calls it, "a fine, rich, mushroom soup either for grand occasions or as the main course for a Sunday supper."

I have been teased before for my love of cream of mushroom. I like to eat the canned Campbell's version with toast, which my friends say is only for casseroles. Although they may be right, this version should never be wasted on a casserole. It's just as aromatic as Julia promises and I think everybody should make it at least once.

I picked up ingredients without planning way before the snow showed up. Borrowed some parsley and got to work. Main components are mushrooms, onions, broth, butter, parsley, eggs and heavy cream.

The mini-casserole worked perfectly for the halved recipe. I didn't want to make the full version because I have no space to store it.

Julia's recipes involve so much technique. It's so easy to make a mess.

I realize it doesn't look too bright, but it is inviting. If only you could smell how the onions interplay with the mushroom broth. You almost think there is sherry in it.

This is the perfect way to serve this on a cold winter's day -- on TV tray so I can watch the Top Chef All-Stars marathon. When I grow up to be a food stylist, the pictures will look better, I promise.