Kitten versus the blizzard

In case you didn't know, we're in the midst of a record setting blizzard here in the midwest. I stayed home with Kitten today and attempted to read the entirety of Isla Bajo del Mar by Isabel Allende. Although I didn't accomplish that, I did accomplish some awesome bean making.

I can hear you, bean-making? As though it's not the biggest duh to make a pot of beans with a ham hock during a crazy storm. It is a pretty obvious thing to do. So I won't even bother with pics or recipes, since everyone has their own version.

So, state of emergency called in Missouri today. They've shut down I-70 in Missouri from Independence to St. Louis and, as Larry Moore on KMBC 9 says, it's unprecedented! Oh my.

Last night I made blender mayonnaise, pretty exciting, but again, not anything to bore you with pics. It was pretty easy though and I will definitely do it again. Next time I'll take pics if there isn't another blizzard. But I want to show you something, just not food. Instead, I have a movie of Kitten playing with the snow, as snow is all we can talk or think about here.