My furry valentine

I completely understand those people who say Valentine's Day is a sad occasion for those without someone special in their lives. I am so lucky to have my little Valentine's Kitten to make my Feb. 14 special.

It was a complete accident that she came to be with me on Valentine's Day two years ago, but it only stands to give me another reason to celebrate Valentine's Day (along with chocolates, flowers and glittery, heart-shaped cards)

I made many cookies this year from this fave recipe of mine to give to friends who happen to have birthdays around V-day.

Read the recipe and you might think it sounds like kind of a pain to roll out the dough. And you'd be right. It's an even bigger hassle if you don't have chilled granite countertops. My cheap-o laminate heats the dough up and make it harder to press out the cookies. But all the trouble is worth it! These suckers are much loved and so popular.

Rolling 'em out

See the countertops warming up the dough?

But oh so flaky and delicate fresh out of the oven

For my non-Kitten Valentine, the negative space heart cookie.

And Kitten takes a minute to smell the roses.