Mama needs a cocktail

Thank goodness it's Friday! NCAA tournament's in town and the city is aflutter! Power and Light is packed with KU fans watching the big game tonight.

Sorry to everyone for not posting in awhile. I know it seems that I haven't been hard at work, but quite the contrary! I have been addicted to the sewing machine and having a great time making fabulous things I can't wait to post. (with really wonderful fabric)

Unfortunately, two of my favorite readers are the intended recipients of the sewing projects.... so the content is embargoed until April ends. I had thought of saying something really clever, like "If your name starts with A, you're pregnant with a baby girl and you have a baby shower in April, you can't read the following content..." (That description applies to two of my favorite ladies out there, btw). But I decided it's unfair to deprive specific people, so I'll just deprive all of you.

Here's something new for everyone to try!

Except for you pregnant ladies. You can't have today's entry either. But not for too much longer, right? Sorry!

Along with my great Christmas present of the New York Times Cookbook (which includes the classic martini recipe), I also got a martini shaker and some cool retro martini glasses.

Kansas City has been inundated with hipster cocktail spots (i.e. Manifesto, Westport Bar and Cafe) where specialty bitter and infused syrups are shaken into $11 concoctions. But yours truly got a parking ticket this week ($28.50) so my weekend going out budget is shot.

So what will I do to get the yummy cocktail I need after a busy day? Make it myself! I just happen to have everything I need to make a great bev, without spending a penny. Added bonus is watching Seinfeld re-runs while sipping (not stupid KU game).

Start with one shot glass.

Impossible time I had trying to focus on this shot glass. It's a 150 year anniversary (1849-1999) shot glass for Fort Worth, TX, my dad bought for me on one of our visits. That was the same visit where we went all the way to Six Flags to ride the brand-new Spiderman (or was it Batman?) ride where your feet hang out. We talked about it the whole way there, even found tennis shoes for me to wear that wouldn't fall off on the ride, walked all the way up to get in line and we BOTH chickened out. We did go on the other rides, though, so not a loss.

I use this shot glass to measure booze, it holds about 2 oz. For one martini, I need 1.5 oz.

Other crucial ingredients, vodka, dry vermouth, olive juice/olives. Dry vermouth is about .75 oz. and splash of olive juice and... magical ingredient not found in traditional martinis....

Louisiana hot sauce by Trappey's! Ties into the Mardi Gras of this week, spices up the same old.

Shake it up!

It's not really a dirty martini, more of a hot and dirty martini. Has an orange glow and Kitten wants one, too!

Happy sipping and Friday everyone :)