Quel desastre

I don't even have words to put in an intro for this post, just going to get strait to the point.

Look at this mess:

For some reason, I thought cake decorating would be a little simpler that what it turned out to be. Actually it's pretty physically draining, what with the strength it takes to get decorator icing through the little froster doohicky.

Look at this mess! a phrase from my favorite Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty, this is what Fauna's cake looks like when she tries to make one without magic. In my case, I should've ordered it from a bakery.

Let me start from the beginning. It's my mother's birthday and I volunteered to bake a cake so I could decorate it a la some blog I ran across this week. I have a full decorating kit I got as a present many years ago when I took a summer job at a bakery. One day long ago I made one frosting flower. Naturally, I thought I could just pick it right back up.

So I set right back to it today.

I made a lemon cake this morning but got distracted and let it sit in the oven too long. Suppose we'll see how it tastes tomorrow. And then this evening I came back and made a cream cheese filling which was delicious. Then I made this horrible decorator icing that's just shortening, powdered sugar, water and vanilla. I apologize for being blunt, but it tastes like shit. The idea is that cementy-y icing is supposed to hold the shape.

Would be great if I'd made great shapes. Oh, if I could've videoed myself wrestling with this icing! I had to squeeze the frosting bag so hard to get the cement through the tip, that several times it squirted out the back end all over my feet and floor. My kitchen is covered in shortening and I am too! I had to scour my hands four times to remove it all.

Here's a sideview. Naturally, I saw this wasn't going well so my solution was to add more icing.

This next is the disaster of the top view. I may as well have decorated the cake with gnocchi, it would look exactly the same :)

Another one of the Chia cake:

Here's my shortening mess.

I couldn't find the right tips at first, so I went through quite a few trying to figure out how to make it look its very best. It's sad to me that what you see is all I came up with.

Well, off to watch another favorite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's. I reread the novella this week. The title of this blog post is a fave phrase of Holly Golightly, the main character in the novella. It's so wonderfully written. And really, in its most simple form, it's just a story about a girl and her cat. Of course I would love it.

Soon I will have baby present pics to post because I'm giving one gift tomorrow! Wouldn't you know, it's already wrapped and I've forgotten to take a picture of the completed work.

But I'll get one for you, I have to show you something soon that isn't completely embarrassing :)

Happy weekend!