Cruelty to Handbag Prevention Act

Kitten is in violation.

We've been sorting more fabric and making pillowcase dresses for Zoe and her cousin while listening to horrible Nickelback songs from 2006 that I'm ashamed to like. My musical taste notwithstanding, the dresses turned out pretty cute:

This I made for Zoe, who just turned 1. But it was waay too small so I made it even smaller and I put it on this bear I named Peacock.

Peacock belongs to Zoe now, she loves her!

This dress is for Zoe's cousin:

Pretty cute!

And then finally for Adam's bday I made a strawberry cobbler using a recipe from INK magazine. It's the first time I've ever used a recipe from that source and I believe the first time they've ever printed a recipe. In my humble opinion, a weekly newspaper should always have a recipe! It was pretty good, even if my typical stance on fruit desserts is that they are a waste of both fruit and dessert.

This pic is a little dark, but cobblers aren't typically pretty. Just a mishmash of fruit and crust. But this uses a cookie crust with lemon and lime rind, so it's a little tart. Worth trying, really.

Hope you get to do some creating on this long weekend!