More squares and margaritas

Summer has finally arrived to Kansas City!

If only I could work summer hours to maximize the weekends. Until that day comes, I have to pack as much in to my precious summer weekends as humanly possible.

To follow up on previous post, the whimsical Don Quijote quilt is coming steadily along. I have five squares now.

I made this one tonight, using my new self-healing board from JoAnn fabric. Sorry Adam for making you spend an hour there today. I may have gotten a little carried away when I saw a flannel sale-- I have to be prepared for a spate of baby showers coming up so I don't have to spend money buying last minute presents. But I realize that's no excuse.

And then this one I think I made on Thursday night. I can't remember, last week is a blur! Maybe it was Wednesday night?

Another favorite summer thing is margaritas by the pool! Limes are plentiful and cheap around here, so I bought about 30 and juiced them to make Martha Steward margaritas. Instead of using that horrible mix-y stuff, you just juice 20-30 limes, stir in a cup of simple syrup and then add about a cup and a half of tequila and serve them on ice. It helps to be near a pool when you drink them and makes them taste-- is this possible?-- even better.

The juicing process, my pitiful setup (above) made my arm hurt. Next time I do this I will have an electric juicer.

Look at those limes! No scurvy for us!

I must share something non-related to food and sewing. Have you noticed these two catchphrases showing up in, like, every interaction you have?

"Type of deal"
"I'm just sayin'"

Have you heard people gratuitously overusing those two phrases? Imitate the most obnoxious person you know saying those words and I promise, you'll start to hear it EVERYWHERE you go. I think both phrases should be banned, along with the word "wonky", which barely means anything at all and is sorely overused, particularly by quilting bloggers.

Oh my. Hope you had a great weekend! I have some funny Julia quotes for you in my next post. Cheers!