Siren Machine

Am killing time waiting for Adam to come and get me so we can go to Po's Dumpling Bar, which should really be called Po's Dumpling Heaven, because that's what it is.

How would you readers feel if I changed the name of this blog to Siren Machine? I looked it up and the only other person with a claim to the name is a Japanese techno geek who makes some sort of circuit board. Want to know the reference for my future blog/rock band name?

Julia Child, of course!

"This is terrible about more stealings in your neighborhood, and about an old lady being assaulted...," she wrote to Avis DeVoto in 1957. "Well, be careful. And thank heaven you have your students living right over your head. Anyway, you have that siren machine."

Which she says to refer to an alarm her friend bought. Hilarious! I love the things she writes and the way she states them. This is from that book of letters I mentioned "As Always, Julia."

Added to my summer reading list are: Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin, Sula by Toni Morrison and Peyton Place by Grace Someone-or-other. Julia talks about it and says it's quite the "bodice-ripper". And then Peyton Place became that TV show with Mia Farrow they always talk about on Mad Men, so I feel like this should catch me up on our American culture in the 1950s.

I do love to read in the summer!

But that is neither here nor there. I have some windmills or Quijote nemesis(es) to post for you. I did something that surprised me and I cut my grandma's scraps to make quilt pieces. I thought it would be harder to do, because as I mentioned, I wasn't sure what she wanted to do with this fabric and I didn't want to mess up any plans I don't know about. But I am putting together a quilt using her peaches and turquoises and taking great care with each and every cut and stitch. The second tie is using her wonderful pattern book from the Colonial Pattern Company, which is actually located in the River Market neighborhood in KC, close to me. I'm not following the exact suggested layout, but the piece I copied from it is just right!

I believe she would approve, especially if she could see what I made! It's what the serious quilters call a windmill and I spent all Monday night on this--even skipping the Sleigh Bells concert I had a ticket for. Pretty serious, eh?

This is what I think about all day, color and blocks and putting it together. Tonight, post-dumpling, I plan to make a turquoise piece, I even pulled out the fabric. My goal is only to use these cherished scraps to make a cherished quilt.

What do you think?