Tasting the green

Thanks everyone for clicking on Kitten's video and making her an internet star. She's gotten 17 page views!

It's a gray Wednesday and it's one of the few times I don't mind not having a patio. Although, it's so warm I'd be out on a deck if I had one anyway.

I picked up some pretty fine literature, Rhett Butler's People, the Margaret Mitchell Society approved prequel to Gone With the Wind. It's not the best-written novel I've read, but it would be great to read outside in a state of relaxation.

Below I have the updated purple gingham dress from the 1971 pattern. The style is pretty dated, but I'm glad I made so much progress. The collar isn't perfect, but someday I'll learn how to do it just right.

I have great scraps left over I must decide what to do with them.

Now I'm off to prepare some farmer's market spinach. I bought a huge bag for $2 and when you sautee it for a minute in hot oil and add salt it turns into this wonderful dish so rich you can taste the green when you close your eyes.