Cartes postales

Back again! Twice in one night. Rebranded, too! We are now the Siren Machine, to represent renewed sewing focus. No more unappetizing food pics for you, precious readers. And all this on a Friday, at that. But I am going out to do something fun in 68 minutes, promise!

In the meantime, I was going to plug away at this (see pics below) and listen to my new favorite mix, full of songs by my favorite band and new friends, Foster the People (they're nominated as a best new artist for a 2011 VMA award on MTV), and then it hit me like a ton of bricks! I know what it is I like about this project.

It looks like postcards! Something special that comes in the mail! If you'll allow me to reminisce Von Trapp-style -- like brown paper packages tied up with string! The main rectangle fabric is that flat cardboard brown that's always used in mail and then, when you're bored with its dullness, these little spurts of colored stamps or personalized bright return address labels jump out at you. Then you're excited to see what the letter is or what you've been sent and guess who it is from. And it makes you happy.

I totally love mail. I visit post offices wherever I go. Remember I snuck off to meet the Post Master in Napa Valley, Bethie? I buy stamps because they're pretty even when I don't need them and get excited for every new issue. Probably the only person in my demo who regularly checks the Post Office website. I am right now trying to convince Adam to go on a roadtrip with me around the country to visit every single closing Post Office and send a postcard from each one before they all get shut down. The cost in stamps would be like $300, a relative bargain, for the experience. Have I lost you yet? Don't go, I'll show you visually:

Does this look like mail to you? I would be happy to see this in my mailbox.

These are, as yet, unattached from the main "package", but you see the postal-ness of them, yes? Look at little Kitten sneaking up in the background.

Maybe this looks like something you'd get for your birthday from your great-Aunt Hattie? And there she is again, the little stinker.

And then she leaps! Then she sleeps.

She says she's going to swat you if you don't go watch Foster the People's Pumped Up Kicks video.