Cold snap

It's only 90 degrees in Kansas City today, so I've gotten out my sweaters.

I'm not used to this cold weather. But I guess that means I'm not trapped indoors any longer. At least not by the weather.

I read a very good NY Times article about peaches in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. (thanks Adam!) This article explains that peaches do best in weather with hot nights. So gonna get me some peaches tomorrow at the farmer's market, because we've been having very hot nights. Now that it's cooling off, I'm afraid I might miss the good summer peaches!

Anyway, I'm posting more pics of the bold quilt from last post:

Kitten, acting as project manager, surveys progress. Needs more Fancy Feast, she says.

Here's one view without the flash.

And one with:

Bolder, brighter. Little bowties. Gonna keep going. Keep checking in.