Get yo ass out the kitchen ...

If you can't stand the heat, or so they say in that rap song we used to listen to at the community pool back in 1994.. I kind of think, get out of the kitchen if you can't stand the kitchen-- as I can't stand mine right now since it's a complete mess! Well, it is entirely too hot for cooking anyway, so I've taken that advice quite literally. Either Adam cooks or we go out! I like it that way :)

I am so sorry for not posting in awhile. But now I'm back. I feel if for no other good reason than to post something less nauseating than the pic of those squash blossoms. It makes my stomach turn to look at the picture when I think of those blossoms greasy fried in my overheated kitchen.

Plus I like to look at my blog when I'm in need of a mental break during my workday and I find the sewing projects more invigorating than the food pics.

I've taken a slight break on my windmill quilt and am doing some less labor intensive bold pieces. I think I'm going to make my current project indefinitely, cuz I realized that if I only make a quilt top that is never "completed" then I won't have to quilt it. You see my illogic? It has holes in it, for sure. But who can quilt when it's so oppressively hot?

Here's the pics of what I worked on today.

You start with an 8X5 inch squares and then 5X5 inch squares ironed in half into triangles and arrange them on the edges and sew them to make these triangles.

And then you put em all in a row like this while you watch Teen Mom and think about how Amber Portwood declared $140,000 in income last year from the show. Holy crap, how is she still broke?

This pic I had to post, that stripe on the right is the blazing sun that I can't get relief from in this apartment between the hours of 6 p.m. and sunset. And lookie all the M&Ms in the background. Got em on sale at the CVS and plan to live on those til it cools down and I can cook again. Just kidding!

And then here's one more of the same thing:

This I lined up while wondering how much of Bentley's early childhood memories will be of him riding in a car between Chattanooga and wherever it is that Macy lives with Kyle. She's always driving! I'm going to plug away on this til I'm ready for pastel windmills again. Let's hope it drops below 100 degrees before the end of this week!

And one last note to end on, look at this little precious that I met on a recent vacation:

Her name is Patch and she's six weeks old. She lives under the porch with her mama, Little Girl, and sister Peach. I love to snuggle a kitty! Since I've been back from my trip I've gotten more than enough snuggles from Kitten, I think she wants to let me know she missed me!

If you want to give Peach and Patch a loving home, let me know!