Day one of my lovely three-day holiday and I've already managed to burn myself in patches. Meaning, not in a good way. Once I'd had enough of the sun, I retreated to my dark and not-quite-cool apartment for the rest of the afternoon to do projects and rehydrate.

And what did I find on TV? Marathons of the gypsy wedding show on TLC and then MTV's Teen Mom. I couldn't bring myself to watch that awful Hoarders show, although there was a marathon of that, too. I want to work on those Traveller wedding dresses--Do you know how much you could charge to sew a dress that contains 500 yards of fabric? Crazy! How fun would that be!

Me and Kitten lolled around and I tried to cut triangles for the Quijote quilt.

Here she is on my cutting board as I tried to trace the right shape. Eventually she stretched out across it like Superman making it impossible for me to work without disturbing her, so I took a break instead of fighting her.

I'm using my oversized ottoman as a workstation, which only half works. I daydream of giving away my couch and replacing it with a jumbo 10 foot by 10 foot waist high work area like the one Grace had on Will & Grace. Someday.

Then I used the floor to make this baby bundling blanket with mitered edges for this girl at work who is having a boy in August. What are they called, I know they have a name... Wrapping blanket? Oh! Receiving blanket. Then I made a little matchy-matchy burp cloth with those same edges. Was amazed I was able to do it. I completely botched one a month ago and have been very hesitant to try again.

Here's the little burpy cloth below. The backing is this sweet blue stripe flannel (I bought on sale bc it's like 100 degrees outside)

Got my library book holding this one up for me. Can you see what it is? Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg. Love the movie, am so excited for the book. Finished the first half of Something Blue by Emily Giffin today at the pool, am sure I'll be starting the Fried Green Tomatoes book by noon tomorrow.

Look at these precious little blankets! Do you think the mom-to-be will love them? I always cry when I think about giving these things away but I can console myself with the thought I'll make something cuter next. Won't I?

And finally, the pictures I promised of quilt pieces with Grandma Hazel's fabric. I think she would be pleased with my progress. I do love this even if it the hugest time taker! Luckily, watching TV marathons can be done at the same time---and my busy hands keep me from eating too much ice cream.

I added a solid to the bottom right corner.

The bottom left has some butterfly fabric I used in the zigzag quilt.

And I love these polka dots in the lower right quadrant. So tranquil, I think, yet vibrant, this color scheme.

My next scheme is to figure out how to beat the farmer's market crowd so I can get the limited okra I believe will be available tomorrow. Wish me luck!

And for the fourth-- listen to the Cunninghams "BottleRocket" and tell me it doesn't take you right back to 1997. Heard it today and it is the, for lack of a better word, quintessential Fourth of July song. Love it love it!

And for perspective, just think that the girls on Teen Mom were like 6 or 7 years old when that song was cool. How bizarre is that?