You lied to me, James Beard

Am back again already, my faithful followers. And I have a disappointment to report.

But I must preface my disappointment with a passage from "The New James Beard" by James Beard. He says on page 176, "The flowers of the zucchini are absolutely delicious deep-fried..."

And I had just happened to run across squash blossoms at the farmer's market, as I reported on in a previous post.
Following the advice of the revered Mr. Beard, I deep fried the squash blossoms in beer batter after being excited about it all day. And you know what? They tasted exactly like flower petals deep fried in beer batter. Not exactly my definition of delicious.

Here are the steps I took:

Dipped the flowers in the batter after it rested for a day and then got mixed with beaten egg whites. Then I tossed them in the hot oil.

Here's the beer batter. Doesn't look like much, but it was a good batter.

Let 'em fry for 4 minutes and drained on paper towels (thanks, Adam)

And then these little things look like chicken wings, don't they? I sprinkled them with salt and pepper and tried one. It was okay. You know what would make it tasty? A sprinkle of powdered sugar, a la the Green Pepper Rings at Murray's in Columbia, Mo. I don't have any on hand-- or if I do it's buried deep within my itty-bitty dark pantry-- so I sprinkled with regular sugar. And that made them good.

Still not great.

Next time I see the squash blossoms, I think I'll pass them by. It will take some inspiration for me to fiddle with these again.

On to bigger and better things, windmills and the season premiere of Teen Mom. Let's hope Amber can hold in her anger and not beat up Gary this season.