Lights & Music

So I'm no Magellan, but I totally discovered a new awesome band during my trip to Brooklyn called Cut Copy. They are an Australian electronic pop band, but totally awesome nonetheless, and headlined a show of the Celebrate Brooklyn! concert series. They have a ton of singles, one notable on is called Lights & Music. I linked you to YouTube it to check out the single Lights & Music.

Something else funny in Brooklyn, there's this cold-pressed coffee craze that's arrested the serious coffee-drinking cities of the nation. Even Pioneer Woman has talked about this. I like a good cold-press coffee, like anyone else. On our last day in NYC, the day of the famed 8-inches of rainfall in one day (116-year record setting rainfall--nearly double the average monthly rainfall), Adam and I decided to go to a coffee shop with no name, just a frowny face on the door. And I asked for an iced coffee, ahem, the Nicaraguan cold-pressed iced coffee. It was handed over for like $3, cheaper than Starbucks, and it was this perfect color, smelled lovely.


It ended up being the STRONGEST coffee I have ever sipped in my entire life. Two cups of ice, a dousing of creamer and then a glug of milk and sugar could not tame the beast that was this frowny cup of coffee. It was incredible, of course, but also completely beyond anything I could consume in one day. Adam took one sip and said, "Whoa, that will put some hair on your chest." And he's a hard-core coffee addict, so from him, that's definitely a statement!

I didn't take any pictures of that experiment, but here's the rest of my favorites:

An intersection on the way to the metro from St. Mark's Place, after a wonderful Indian dinner at the Raj Mahal. We were directed to the Raj Mahal by a boy at the Holy Land, which is a little sundry shop on the square where I bought tehini that was proclaimed on some internet chat I read to be the most "heavenly" that exists in this world. Makes sense it would come from the Holy Land, in that case. Had to hold back to buy a zillion other things in this little shop that I wanted, like spearmint tea, hot paprika, Israeli couscous and little unidentifiable baked goods that could be savory or sweet.

This lady is looking at me like, "You are not going to take my picture." Sorry, lady. I am.

Asian kid totally impatient that three or four trains came through before the one we wanted-- we were all like, where is the right train, dammit!

And the A train buzzes by. All wrong.

Strangers occupy themselves with mobile devices.

And here's Sylvester the kitty, our charge for the weekend. He has enough personality to host his own night show, and he's lovable to boot. Every morning his wake-up call made me more and more homesick for my own Miss Personality, Kitten.

So glad to be back home to give her cuddles and play toss the hairband.