What ever shall I do with all this wonderful fabric?

You may remember I was recently in New York City visiting friends and stores--and restaurants. And the MoMA. I read somewhere once that you go to museums to visit your old friends there, whatever artwork speaks to you. I think that's nice.

I think living in New York would be like going to summer camp, because it reminds me of the whole adventure of a day where you walk everywhere. That's tricky here in Kansas City. If living in Kansas City was like a summer trip, I think I'd compare it more to a cruise ship. We even have limitless buffets.

But back to New York.

One fun place I went was to the Purl Boutique in Soho, this adorable fabric shop I found online and was so excited to visit in person! Actually, it's like half yarn store and then fabric. All the New York bloggers seem to know how to knit well and I am worthless with knitting needles. And only slowly improving with my sewing machine... But I do love it.

So wouldn't you know I went a little bit nuts and bought a bunch of fabric without any real plan in mind for what I can do with it when I was at Purl? Or worse, went nuts, then came home and ordered MORE fabric online. Please don't plan an intervention just yet.

Want to see what I'm so gaga for?

These are pieces from this collection called StoryBoek, which is kind of whimsical and Northern European. There are lots of dots and trees, little girls and forest animals. Cute. I have these little pieces with no plan for them whatsoever.

I have a whole yard of this pattern. This one is cream (all organic cotton) with a little boy in a boat, a whale, a windmill and some trees. This design is another one from the StoryBoek collection, but it is all wrinkled because Kitten curled up and went to sleep in it last night. I thought it was pretty cute that she was as taken with the fabric as I am! I want to curl up with it, too.

A little stack with some up close details.

And then this packet with some retro cayenne and mustard colors. I think they'd work for something for the kitchen. But what!? What shall I make? Napkins? I love these too much to wipe my face with them.

The top one is my favorite!

Here's the little miss, herself.

It's an ozone alert here today after we've had a week of gorgeous Missouri late summer weather. Now we're back to plain old hot. I've broken down and made a French silk pie. While it chills in the fridge I'm watching Julie and Julia for the seventeenth time and later I'll try to catch Storage Wars.

Why can't it just be fall for real and also Saturday?

Before I go, I must note that this Julie and Julia movie is so dangerous due to the extreme amounts of things I want to make when I watch it: poached eggs with Hollandaise, rich mushroom cream sauces and, finally, something with a pate brisee crust. Because I have some leftover from my pie. Maybe I should bake it with eggs, bacon, cream and cheese? It would be my first quiche and it would be enormous! Delicious too, perhaps? Or, I could add spinach and then it will be health food. Even better.

But I won't post pictures if I do it, because that would be cruel and make you hungry.

Please tell me what I should make with this fabric, including any patterns I could quilt them into... I need your help!