Cut and pastry

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about what we put into our bodies for nourishment. I go back and forth between drinking and not drinking Diet Coke, giving in on occasions despite the fake sweeteners. I tried drinking regular Coca-Cola, forgetting how wonderful it is fresh from the fountain, foaming with sugar. Too indulgent for regular refreshment. Then I went through a (short) Kool-Aid phase in those last few unbearable weeks of heat when plain water got boring. Ultimately, I don't want to take in all of these extra add-ins of beverages.

So, for the moment, I'm back to regular water. I've decided that when it comes to empty calories, I want mine in the form of crust:

Gooey pecans with organic farm eggs, brown sugar, syrup, etc. baked in crust.

Savory eggs in crust!

Bite into this!

Rich, buttery, flaky Julia Child crust. I know I said I wouldn't post any more food pictures, but this must be an exception. These take the cake-- er, pie.

I made pecan pie first, then egg pie (Quiche Lorraine, plus bacon, plus onions) and then a French Silk pie (not pictured). All with one batch of Julia crust!

I am going to buy some lard, I think, for the next round to see if that adds to the flakiness. The deliciousness is off the charts. And the work to do the one batch of crust that lasted for all of these things made me start to think I have a secret kitchen staff that does prep work for me while I'm out on my yacht. I woke up to warm baked eggs every morning of my weekend without dirtying one mixing bowl!

My only concern is where to fit the servants' quarters in my 700 sq. foot apartment.

Of course I haven't made any quilting progress on the butterfly quilt, formerly known as the postcard quilt. For some reason I'm finding the binding process really intimidating, despite this helpful tutorial from Martha.

Maybe soon. Stay tuned.