Hero of the day

Well, not quite. I am referring to myself in the headline, but only because a woman I work with calls me Houdini when it comes to sewing projects. But I take any (and all) opportunities to reference Metallica. Love them.

I took on my first commissioned project! She's asked me to make her a clean diaper and wipe holder before, along with the roll-out changing pad, but this is the first time I've been offered money. Pretty cool, huh? I think I may take the proceeds and download TLC's "Ooooh on the TLC tip" album I had on cassette in 1992. Adam and I were listening to "What about your friends," a single from that album, on the way home from amazing housemade ramen from Friends Sushi and Bento in Westport.

We had to call it an early night so he can clean his house for Clemson watching party at his casa tomorrow and so I could finish this project.

Here's the little case. It has a snap instead of Velcro. And it was a *snap* to assemble!

Now back to Adam. Look what nerds we are. When Adam came by to pick me up, we were wearing the same off-white and navy striped sweater. I can't believe we're already dressing the same! Fortunately for us, it's not quite warm enough for Adam to wear a sweater (above freezing) so he took it off. I think with relief of all the comments, raised eyebrows we avoided by his doing so.

Back to this project. Look how cute the fabric is!

I bound the edges of the changing pad like Martha said. I feel like I have enough practice that I can bind the butterfly quilt now. So I should probably do that.

Look at the upside down giraffes and elephants. Monday this will be on its way to someone I don't know. I hope she appreciates all the hand-sewing I had to do to accomplish binding Martha-style. I bet she does.

Thanks for stopping by!