Je suis un artiste

In the spirit of learning, I have signed myself up for a hitch with art class focused on drawring (“Hi, my name is Simon and I like to do drawring”, anyone?) at Kansas City's Art Institute.

I never professed to be a good draw-er.

Did I ever profess to be good at drawing? Let me check the archives.

Definitively nope.

I was so impatient as a color-er when I was a kid, horrible at staying in the lines, too. But I need that drawing foundation, with all it's persnickety-ness and attention to detail if I ever want to create anything really special.


I took a short course last spring in abstract, architectural, spacial drawing. For beginners.

Maybe that should have been my first indication of trouble ahead-- if the title of the class is too confusing for me to grasp.

This was my best work from that:

Kitten really wanted to be in this picture.

Here, she serves as critic. "I don't see motion in the fabric," she says. "Where are you creating dimension using light and dark? Give me more of that."

But now I'm in a basic class that's actually called "Beginning Drawing." The teacher, as of yet, does not appear to have any diva-like qualities and he's been friendly and patient.

I'm only one class in, with 9 to go, but here is what I have created thus far:

Kitten says, "I already appreciate what you're doing here with texture, learning to use your charcoal."

These drawing of a child's shoe appear, as my classmate pointed out, “like amoebas.” But she is right. That blob in the upper left corner may be some sort of ventricular aorta.

This upside down shoe, front and center, gave me the most pride of the entire session.

Finally, jaws of life. Oh, those are actually for you to wear on your shoes when it's snowing. For traction. Who knew? I drew them for 45 minutes before figuring it out.

That's the overlooked part of this whole drawing thing for me. The time spent. It's really time consuming to get this stuff right. The class lasts for 3 hours and most of it is just dedicated to focusing and working at one thing. I am optimistic that I may learn some patience along with drawing.

I'd like to end on a musical note. This Rush video from the 1980s has some really cool visual elements. I love the song and the band of course, but that's because no one explained to me that Rush is a band that is only cool to nerdy 13 to 15-year old boys. So I hope you enjoy the flashback. Geddy Lee, the frontman/lead singer, may be one of the strangest looking rock stars, if you can call him that, there has ever been.

Thanks for checking in with me!