Flock of seagulls

Or flock of something. That's what these triangles remind me of. This, for those of you keeping track, will be square 3 of the Clemson-colors triangle project.

For experimentation, I turned the second row backwards. Think I like this better, really. It's a confused group of birds. Half don't know what season it is.

And, it's really fall here. The leaves turned brown overnight and I am sleepy and ready to hibernate!

Look at my precious owl platter and special floral delivery from a thoughtful Adam.

Speaking of-- I haven't had any volunteers to help Adam cut triangles for the Clemson quilt. I suppose you will help me when I commence the Mizzou quilt?

Happy Thursday to all!

And really, even if you don't love Julia Child or New York City, you really have to read this article about a dinner for one with Judith Jones (the woman who edited Julia Child's various cookbooks). She has an adorable kitchen in the New York apartment she shared with her husband until his death and she now cooks alone. So sweet.