Saturday inspirations

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Adam and I took advantage of this cool art event as an excuse to hit the West Bottoms and have a drink at RBar, as well as check out some great local artists. Viva Kansas City (artists)!

I have so many irons in the fire (pardon my cliche) but I always seem to find more cool stuff to share with you!

Check out this ad I got in the mail from Urban Outfitters, for example. Note the seafoam-colored cooler in the middle. It's totally throwback to a different era and I think it's awesome. Now the cool connection is that there is one just like this at Adam's Dad's parents' farm. Follow? We discovered it during our visit there. Makes me want to go camping! With an ice-chesty 60s cooler. Wouldn't that be cool? I so wish I'd taken a pic of the cooler at the farm for you, I took a picture of every single other thing except for that. Bummer!

And on the sewing side...

I am eagerly awaiting a box of dress patterns from the 60s, 70s and 80s from the farm, too. Adam's grandma doesn't mind sending them along to me and there was one gorgeous Mad-Men frock I am dying to make! I also think I can make a version of this really expensive skirt that I cannot afford. I think I saw a pattern that will work in the box. It should be arriving soo-oon!

The little girls dress patterns above are from the antique store in the River Market and I won't tell you how much he charged me ($1.25 each) but suffice to say it was a major acquisition. I like how they hearken to a different day, just like that cooler.

Way cool!

Feel free to post links to your Saturday inspirations below. Have a great day!