Save these heirlooms for me

Happy Monday to all! Do you remember when I said no more food pictures? And then how I posted food pictures not even a week later? Yes? Were you upset with me then?

I hope you're not upset with me now. Because I have more food pictures! But not just any food--heirloom tomato bruschetta pictures.

I bought the most beautiful cherry-sized heirloom tomatoes at the farmer's market last weekend. They were the best of all that I have seen all season. Very special. I never want to do anything fancy to "muck" up quality produce, so I just chopped them in half, mixed them with fresh homegrown basil (from my garden in the window) and fresh shaved parmesean.

Here's my bowlful of gorgeous 'maters.

Then I toasted some Italian bread in olive oil (really good stuff that I bought with the proceeds from that commissioned sewing project I wrote about awhile ago) and then put it on a platter.

I did share with Adam. We thought we'd have something else after this, but they were so filling that we just called it good. And it was good! I felt like Julie and Eric in the scene of "Julie and Julia" when she decides to write a blog. She says, "I could write a blog. I have thoughts."

Love that movie! I hope I can get some more gems like this so me and Adam can have this again.