Shop assistant

I know I am supposed to be making some curtains for my friend, but I can't keep myself from working on my triangles.

Fortunately, I have a good little supervisor to oversee my work and remind me to take breaks. Kitten loves to plop down on my triangles, either when they're just sewn or waiting to be cut out.

This is her last night, sitting behind my machine and directly on top of my triangles.

Here's a new completed square. Ignore my feet at the bottom of the picture. Looks like I forgot to crop it. I am glad we are all friends here.

And another one. I wish the colors showed up better in this picture. The pastels are so soft. I absolutely love the pieces when they are all laid out together.

And now for a suggestion for Adam's Clemson quilt:

This is triangles in a different way.

This is so much brighter cuz I used the flash. You can see the purple and orange better. I think it will take a ton of these to make the huge super-sized tailgate/hipster picnic blanket. Fortunately I have volunteered Adam to cut triangles--once I train him how to do it properly.

Anyone want to come over and help Adam with his triangle-cutting responsibilities? Let me know!