Spirited, without being completely insane

The title of this post, faithful readers, is how I would describe Mizzou football fans. Spirited and completely insane, on the other hand, is pretty accurate as a descriptor of Clemson fans, who take it (cue the Eagles) to the limit when it comes to celebrating game day.

I am talking about custom spray painted Winnebagos with realistic looking tiger mouths blazin' over the hood. Khaki pants on grown men covered in embroidered tiger paws. And tents! Everyone seems to need a purple or orange Clemson-logo-ed tent. Coolers covered in stickers that say IPTAY with the year, to prove that they're paying their dues (It stands for "I Pay Ten A Year"). Everyone shares their boiled peanuts--which are really bean-like and salty. Satellite dishes are mounted on vans with tables full of food for a party of two people that don't even stay til the end of the game. They really mean it. Contrarily, they stay remarkably sober.

For those of you wondering where all this info is coming from, I should explain that Adam took me to my first Clemson football game this weekend for homecoming. I am finally home after living out of a suitcase for the last week. First I was in Dallas for a work conference (met an astronaut one day and saw people killing themselves with deep-fried everything at the Texas State Fair on another). Then I got home in time to kiss Kitten and then run back to the airport to go to South Carolina.

I am a loyal tiger to the core, faithful to my Mizzou tigers and I certainly understand enthusiasm for one's team. Of course, we lost to K-State this weekend, which was a major bummer. Those Southern people, though, I must hand it to them, live and breathe the tailgate spirit. Especially great is when they have a winning season and then handily best their opponent, which was Boston College this weekend.

I really do have a point and that is that Adam and I decided we must have a large quilt made in purple and orange to take to our next tailgate if we hope to ever impress one of these over-the-top Clemson fans. I don't think either of us are ready to cash out our 401k to get custom sprayed fan-mobiles, and let's be honest that we wouldn't really get much at this point anyway. Our tricked out Buick would just make people said. We must do the next best thing and commission me to make us something.

So have you seen any good (easy) ideas for a HUGE quilt that we can take for Clemson tailgate picnics/when Sarah is cold waiting for the sun to come up?

Send your ideas or try to post them on comments. I know the thing has some kink in it, but maybe it's working now?

Okay, here's this for inspiration:

Giant bow! This is my orange concession to the occasion.

"We got spirit, yes we do!"

"We got spirit, how bout you?"

And since I now feel nostalgia for my own team (regardless of their K-State performance) I must add, "Hey, hurrah! Mizzou Mizzou! Hey, hurrah! Mizzou Mizzou Mizzou!"

Ok, running late to art class. Today we play with India ink and bamboo brushes!