True love

Yes, it's official. Kitten loves this blanket. As I was finishing up the home stretch of the binding (thanks for the tutorial, Martha), Kitten actually sat on the blanket, on my lap, for more than 20 minutes. This is a milestone.

And the binding loves the blanket. It actually looks like a quilt now!

Adam holds the finished product up for a glamour shot. Note how crinkly and wonderful this lays. Cannot wait to see how wonderful it is once it has been washed a few times.

Here's the back of the quilt. Adam, though you can't see it, is wearing his hat to the back in this picture. And since we're on the theme of hats and backs, here's a favorite video from the 1990s. Am totally on a TLC kick, so I want to share this awesome-ness.

The best part is the clothing. Check it out, for real.

Here's the little princess next to her new blanket.

And an up-close shot of the binding.

Another one with different lighting. So glad to finally be DONE with this! I think it turned out great.

What to do now?

Think I'll start another one.

Right after I clean my kitchen.