My lifestyle blog

For a three-day weekend, I haven't accomplished as much on my hipster picnic star blanket as I had hoped. But I've done a lot of resting and also made a visit to my alma mater, old Mizzou.

I did manage to cut up all the rest of my fabric into neat little piles.

And then I put more pieces together...

So it's almost 50 inches long. I need it to get to 72 inches, though, and I don't know if I'll have enough fabric.

And this is a picture for my lifestyle blog, if I had a lifestyle blog. There's my new owl platter, a stack of Harper's Bazaar magazines and my MNG quilted emerald bag I bought in NYC.

And now we come right back to the heart of the Midwest. This is a gas station somewhere outside of Boonville, Mo. Pretty good deal, right?