My new boyfriend('s mugshot)

Hey, so has the anticipation been driving you nuts about the face model? Turns out, not a woman. We had a dude face model. And it is hard to look at someone and draw them (not well, I would add for the record) while they are staring right back at 'ya. Rough. Not for the timid.

So here's the handsome fella. Can I tell you a secret? He actually didn't look at all like this guy. And this is the drawing our instructor did (on my paper) as a demonstration. You know who this picture does look like? My art instructor. So figure that out, Freud.

This is one of my many attempts to draw this guy. This one may have been more successful than others because, if you'll note from his eyes, he's not staring directly at me. He's looking somewhere else. Then my classmates said he's got roving eyes! Like the creepy pictures in cartoon mansions!

A thoughtful pose.

Dead-freakin' on. I am not exaggerating the eyes in this one. Staring. Right. At. Me. Kind of unnerving. But really a pretty good representation for someone at my skill level. Right on, as my art teacher says.

Ok, here's something fun. It's a gesture drawing, where your hand goes wild over the page like you're a kid again. The model was doing an MMA fighting pose, see it? So fun to do those.

Another MMA pose, bending in some sort of half-yoga stretch. I showed Kitten and she was like, "I can do that!" And then she attempted to. My little yoga kitty.

I don't remember drawing this, but it is seriously a sketch for a wanted felon. Shifty eyes again.

Fainter, yet. I believe this was the first one of the night. Was this the most creepy? It's hard to say. They're all a little off. Was our model a little off? I don't think it's fair to blame him.

Perhaps I will improve with practice. The ladies from class and I are going to do an en plein-aire practice session. But did we realize that it's going to be even colder soon? We should maybe practice inside.

Stay tuned, you, the faithful.