Seeing stars

"Oh my starry-eyed surprise, sundown to sunrise, dance all night..."

Sorry. What a terrible song! But then he goes on about seein' stars. Which is what I would like to do tonight instead of studying for the dreaded GMAT. But it will all be over soon.

I repeat to myself, slowly.

Look here's the little princess/ assistant jumping all over my carefully laid out pieces on my workstation (ottoman).

And here's more progress. This is inspired by a tiny stars quilt that uses 2.5 inch squares, but I'm doing 4 inch squares because I don't want them to be tiny. They can be middle-sized. Maybe if I have scraps I can do a tiny one. Like that sketch from SNL, "My, what a tiny hat!"

Ok, time for data sufficiency (that's GMAT lingo for "we are going to frustrate you.")