Still growing

Hey there! My quilt is growing, but guess what else. Two tomatoes on my really deformed indoor tomato plant that has been growing in my apt. since June. We may just get fruit after all. My money says I get impatient and end up frying them into tiny fried tiny green apartment tomatoes. But we shall see. Growth is good. Or was that greed?

I've been really getting moving on my starbursts. I even ran out of off-white fabric for the backing, which I believe is quite an accomplishment.

Of course every time I go to take a picture, the kitty's got to get in the middle. Can you see her claws in my beautiful artwork? I'm like screaming, "KITTEN!" as this pic is being taken. She wants to tear out my stitches.

But then last night after this was all folded on the sewing (wobbly card) table, she curled up and took a nap. So she does love it.

I love it, too. And I love the cat. But not as much when she's undoing my careful work.

More progress as it comes.

Now for tonight: Storage Wars on A&E. Makes me want to go to an auction.