Upping the ante

I showed up woefully unprepared for art class on Tuesday and didn't have the special paper I needed. So then I tried to do charcoal on slick paper (terrible) and then switched to ink, having already wasted 15 minutes. The result is below.

I brought this home and showed it to Kitten. She arched her little kitty eyebrows and said, "What the %$&# is this? Why are you even bothering to show me this?"

She had a point. Fortunately, my classmates lent me some better paper, to continue as you see below:

I thought this was an okay still life. And then...

Whoa mama! Look at this one! It looks like a real drawing. Except for on the right, see next to the apple, there's a bowl? Inside, that lemon is defying the laws of gravity. So that part is wrong. But other than that? I love it! As my art teacher said, "you guys are getting so much better!"

This is the same one, but just a clearer show. I love the shading on the left apple.

Doesn't this look like it's own still life? I think I'll draw it after I take the GMAT practice test.

Did I mention that the art instructor is raising the stakes? Next class has a real model! And we'll be drawing her face. This could be bad.

Stay tuned.