You can learn alot of things from the flowers

Doesn't this look like the singing flower from Alice in Wonderland? I can practically see her leading the choir.

This came up at trivia last week and I was so happy to know the answer!

Look how pretty! Adam brought them by. I think they get more beautiful each day! It doesn't hurt that I've set the thermostat to the level of a flower shop to keep them fresh. It's not really that cold, but it is a good thing I've got such nice wool blankets.

Kitten didn't really crawl under here all by herself, Adam wrapped her up. I didn't notice her put up much of a fight though.

And here's my latest starburst update. Isn't this pretty? It's getting bigger, but I still have a long way to go. It's such hard work!

This is a clearer version of the stars, blurrier of Kitten. I just love it.

Hope you, the faithful, are off to a good start with your holiday seasons!