Alpaca chews you

Hi everyone! Are you having a nice weekend? It's gorgeous in Kansas City today and Adam and I got out to enjoy the weather.

One of our stops today was the Midwest Alpaca Show at the American Royal. I may have mentioned my recent knitting enthusiasm (sorry I haven't posted any completed projects) and a woman in my knitting club suggested that we visit the alpaca show to meet the animals and shop for yarn.

So we did. And we had a great time! It's a little known secret that one of the earliest outings for Adam and I was to the American Royal to see an act call the Acro-Cats. It was part of some larger pet show and there were agility competitions for dogs and lots of pet accessories for sale, but Adam and I went to see this show of 20 cats that jumped and performed in a rehearsed and choreographed show. The show also included a hedgehog and rats. At one point I thought I was going to vomit. It was quite a day.

So today we returned to the Hale Arena and really enjoyed seeing the alpacas and shopping for yarn.

Here was our favorite:
This furry little alpaca was chewing on something when we got there and was STILL CHEWING when we left. All in all, pretty adorable.

Here are some (about 60) other pics:

Happy alpaca!
 Sleepy alpaca!

 Surfer alpaca!

 Hi beautiful!

Lookin' at you!

 And the yarn! Most of this was dyed with natural stuff like red cabbage leaves or ground-up insects:

How did these get here? Who took these train photos?


And a patient Adam asks, "Can we please go to the golf course now?"

I will be returning to see the alpacas again tomorrow. Let me know if you want to meet up.