Flagged for excessive cat photos

Hello there, you faithful ones! Adam has said that the blogger application is going to flag this post and remove it because I just uploaded 32 pictures of my (gorgeous) little cat. But I will delete a few before I publish this post, so it's probably more like 25. Is that too many? I think not.

Anyway, who am I to deprive you! The readers have spoken and they want to see more of the Kitten. 

Adam and I plan to take photography classes this summer with our new Digital SLRs that we are dutifully saving up for at this moment. Adam has found great luck on eBay, but hasn't committed to purchasing. I, however, am bound by a promise to Bill at Crick Camera that I made about four years ago to buy my SLR from him. So that's what I intend to do. In the meantime, I am using my little Canon G10, which has some great capabilities. I wish I knew how to use it better, but I'm always experimenting--although in ways in which I tend to fail. But I did ok tonight.

I was cleaning and Kitten was being so adorable. I decided to mess with my camera settings and see what me and the G10 could capture. Here are the results:

 This is my fave because she looks so regal:

 She's not really even in this one, but appears in a watercolor painting in the background. Very meta:

Not very lady-like, Kitten:

Was that all? I thought I had some more....

(I just tagged this as "cat photography" and Adam said, "You're really gonna get put on a list now." We'll see about that.)